Best Practice Paper Award Competition

Session I.

  • First Prize: PAPER ID: 145

A capacity trading and transfer pricing method for semiconductor manufacturing

Muh-Cherng Wu, Jheng-Jie Peng and Chao-Wei Wang


  • Second Prize: PAPER ID: 177

An ILS algorithm for the team orienteering problem with variable profit

Aldy Gunawan, Kien Ming Ng, Graham Kendall and Junhan Lai


  • Third Prize: PAPER ID: 75

Project selection via stochastic multi-criteria acceptability analysis

Banting Wai Pan Sze, Kin Keung Lai and Yelin Fu


Session II.

  • First Prize: PAPER ID: 197

Nash marginal abatement cost estimation of air pollution emissions by stochastic semi-nonparametric frontier in the Coal-Fired power industry

Chia-Yen Lee


  • Second Prize: PAPER ID: 222

Analysis of impacts on the purchasing behavior using information on social networking services

Kohei Otake and Takashi Namatame


  • Third Prize: PAPER ID: 465

Optimal capacity design for unreliable assembly-like supply chain system

Fong-Fan Wang