From Taoyuan Airport to Taipei City

You can find the public transportation information via the official website of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

For participatants who intend to transfer from Taipei Main station, you may take Kuokuang Line (1819) from the airport to Taipei Main Station.


Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport - Kuokuang Line

 1819 to Taipei Main Station
 Farefor more information.
 Intervals15-20 (minutes).
 Stop namefor more information.
 Business hoursTaiwan Taoyuan International Airport 24 hours (for more information)
 Trip length55 minutes.


Domestic Air Lines

Taiwan's domestic airlines industry is quite active with busy routes serving major cities; flying is almost as common as taking long-distance buses, and flights are always fully booked during holidays. As a result, prior reservations are advised. Most travel agencies handle reservations and ticketing on behalf of airlines.

Personal identification is required when checking in for flights. (ID for Taiwan citizens, passports for foreigners.)


The mass rapid transit system (MRT) in Taipei and Kaohsiung, together with the metropolitan areas' dedicated bus route networks, forms a convenient transportation system.

Taipei Metro

These lines are dotted with a variety of attractions and scenic spots, allowing visitors to take a leisurely journey through some of the most attractive parts of Taipei.

Auto ticketing machiness can be found in all MRT stations, providing ticketing services. Single-journey ticket prices range from NT$20 to NT$65 depending on travel distance. An NT$150 one-day pass purchased from A service booth allows unlimited travels on all MRT lines within one day.

Please Note:

MRT running hours: 6:00~24:00
To provide passengers a comfortable and safe ride, smoking, drinking, and gum chewing are strictly prohibited in MRT trains and stations.
Using cellular phone is prohibited in the first and the last coaches of the train.
Tickets are valid on the day of purchase.
Please place pets in hand-carry cages, except for police dogs and guide dogs.
For further information, please call the Taipei MRT customer service line:
+886-2-2181-2345 (24 hours);
+886-2-2536-3001 (8:30a.m. ~ 5:30p.m.)

Wenhu LineTaipei Zoo - Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center
Tamsui-Xinyi LineTamsui - Xindian, Beitou - Xiangshan, Ximen - Taipower Building
Songshan-Xindan LineSongshan-Xindan
Zhonghe-Xinlu LineNanshijiao – Huilong, Nanshijiao – Luzhou
Bannan LineTaipei Nangang Exhibition Center - Dingpu, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center - Far Eastern Hospital

Kaohsiung Rapid Transit System

A one-way ticket costs NT$20 to NT$60 depending on travel distance. KRTC also offers a "One-day pass", "Stored-value Ticket" and "Group Ticket".

Please Note:

1. KRTC running hours: 6:00~24:00
2. To provide passengers a comfortable and safe ride, smoking, drinking, and gum chewing are strictly prohibited in MRT trains and stations.
3. KRTC customer service lines:+886-7-793-8888, 0770-2300

Red LineGangshan South - Xiaogang
Orange LineXiziwan - Daliao


The island-wide railway network, including the western line, the eastern line, the north link line, and the south link line, provides convenient travel in a number of train classes: economy, Fu-Hsing, Chu-Kuang and Tze-Chiang. Travels can choose the class of train they want according to their schedule and budget. small narrow-gauge trains operate on (mainly tourist) branch lines: Alishan, Jiji, Pingxi, and Neiwan. These trains give visitors a chance to see the caried scenery of Taiwan close-up as they travel around the island.

Taiwan High Speed Rail

With the opening of the Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR), visitors can now easily take a day trip between Kaohsiung and Taipei. Currently eight stations are operating on the THSR line down Taiwan's western corridor: Taipei, Banqiao, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli, Taichung, Changhua, Yunlin, Chiayi, Tainan, and Zuoying (Kaohsiung).

More Information

For more details and information, please refer to Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan).